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Our proven, practical, research-based love and limits approach to raising healthy, happy children is built on a foundation of developmental, neurological and behavioral psychology which studies children in “real” settings—home, schools, and playgrounds. Through our innovative Raised with Love and Limits Foundation, we are bringing our experience in parent skill-building to the new public health movement of preventing toxic stress in children’s lives, starting with our flagship initiative, Behavior Checker®, making healthy parent skill-building a systematic, effective, integrated part of caring for, and about, children.

To fulfill our mission of the Raised with Love and Limits Foundation—supporting caring, supportive and protective relationships to prevent, and reverse the effects of, toxic stress and adverse childhood experiences—we are currently partnering with pediatricians, family physicians, social workers, educators, corporate wellness professionals and researchers at multiple sites across the United States. 

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The authors and Raised with Love and Limits Foundation disclaim responsibility for any harmful consequences, loss, injury or damage associated with the use and application of information or advice contained in these prescriptions and on this website. These protocols are clinical guidelines that must be used in conjunction with critical thinking and critical judgment.